About Pat

I can be followed on Facebook @patroquephotography or on Instagram @patroquephoto

As a semi-professional wildlife photographer, I try to capture my images as seen before me, always making the subjects welfare a primary concern and insuring care for the environment above any photo opportunity. Wildlife photography enables me to be out in nature amongst wild animals, provides an excuse for spending long periods of time with my subjects and producing images that preserve an amazing moment in natural history. My biggest thrill comes from photographing a wild animal doing what it would be doing if I wasn’t there.


I have been very fortunate in the last decade to be able to travel to remote locations to create these wildlife images. I’ve led photography trips to Alaska, British Columbia, Chile and Brazil.


My work has been published in Canadian Geographic, BBC Wildlife, BBC Earth, Huffington Post, WildPlanet Photo and numerous social media sites.


Member of CAPA ( Canadian Association of Photographic Art) and NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association)